Monday, June 2, 2008

Good One For One Gallon Of Gas

Here is the coupon good for one gallon of Gas.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Response To Carl Schroeder's "Kula By Popular Demand"

Your puppy will be lot bigger like our 4 years old yellow lab dog who weights 100 lbs after losing 5 lbs a few weeks ago. Her ears are five inches long. She is our sweetie pie.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Hope you have a good Easter weekend.
This afternoon we were covering the big hole our yellow lab dog had dug under the fence and we put the 2x4 stud with sticks and screws and bricks underneath hopefully she won't dig again. We know that she will!! She gets so excited when she hears some kids or pets playing in their yard next door and wants to play with them. Do you guys have an idea how to make the dogs stop digging? If she was on a leach, she would pull herself out of her harness.

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Embarrassing Moment: Forgot To Turn Off My Car

I'm glad that my psychology exam I took this morning is over. I was unable to upload my video clip into my blog so I'm writing instead. Uploading one of my video clips into my Facebook was a success. I remembered what I had forgotten when I was reading Seek Geo and Diane's vlogs about their embarrassing moments. I had forgotten to turn off my car in the garage one late evening last Spring and I didn't hear it running because my hearing was not working this time.
I had forgotten to turn off our little car when my husband Dick and I got home one late evening , parked it in the garage that is attached to our house. The door for the garage entry is in the kitchen. We collected some bags of groceries and if I had my hearing aid on, I would have heard it running. So guess how long I left it running??? Over night!!! Augh!
I woke up the next morning with a very bad headache and tense muscle in my neck without knowing what was causing. When I got home from running, I finally was able to smell the gas odor and asked Dick why there was an odor in the house. I decided to check the garage to see if there was gas leaking from our car. When I got into the garage, it was soooo hot like an oven being heated and it was also very humid. I realized that I had forgotten to turn my car off , quickly turned it off and was very, very upset. Everything including our SUV was very hot to touch. Some candles in one of the boxes melted. I opened both of the doors open and told Dick about it. He said that he could not smell the gas odor even after going outside. We took our cars outside to cool off. There was one forth of gas left! We noticed that a small bottom part of the front bumper had been slightly warped from the heat. We were fortunate that we didn't die from the odor. We also were told by a close friend that we could be killed if we lighted the match. I have hoped none of our neighbor heard our car running in the garage because I would be embarrassed if they did. The bad headache and tense neck muscle I had lasted for three days. Dick could not smell anything since he was injured from the motorcycle accident. I told him that he needed a nasal implant ( with a "CI" hand sign on right side of my nose) to help him smell and he laughed out loud. I made and placed a new poster on the door to remind myself to turn off our car.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

CH 14 Our New Lives in Texas-Our Cat Swallowed A Dime.

Our cat Pumba loves to play with some plastic straps we removed from the milk jugs (see top picture). She carries one of them around in her mouth since she was a kitten. She drops them into either of her cat food bowl and a large water bowl she shares with our dog. We had adopted her from the vet's pet shop in Spokane, Washington the same month we adopted a yellow lab puppy from a very nice breeder's farm in Newport north of Spokane when we lived in north Idaho in 2004. She acts like a raccoon because is very mischievous like jumping on any surface and knocking everything off. My brother said that raccoon was probably dyed to look like a cat. We love her too much. One day in May 2006 we were packing for move, we notcied that Pumba was vomiting after each meal for two days. I talked with the vet's nurse about it and she suggested me to restrict her from any food for a day which I did but she continue to vomit so we took her to the vet the next day to be checked. The vet found a dime in her intestine through the x-ray that had been taken. So he had to tear her belly up to get it out right away and kept her over night. When we picked her up, the vet gave us the dime in a rx bottle with a little bottle of pain medication and antibodies for her to take. We noticed the black spots all over her shaved belly (see below) and thought she looked so cute. She often sleeps with her back on the surfaces. We paid the total of $500.00. She was feeling much better. She still sleeps during the day and parties at night.

Friday, December 28, 2007

CH 13 Our New Life In Texas-Offer On New House

Our first year in Texas was really great. I had been making some local maps from the Map Quest online when we needed help finding the addresses. Its was very helpful. Living in a one bedroom apartment was no fun. Some of my favorite clothes were packed in the garage and I decided to wait till we moved into our new house. No job or interview yet. I applied for a job with the Texas Instruments company in north of Dallas at the personal office and hadn't heard anything.

We found out that the tracking wheel in Richard's Blackberry pager had been worn out and decided to buy a new Sidekick II pager for himself. We went to the T-Mobile store to get it and we had fun playing with it. My old Blackberry pager was still working well.

The weather in Plano, Texas was a lot warmer than in Pacific NW. I was puzzled when I saw some people in their t-shirts and shorts in the evening when we went to the grocery store because I had seen people in long pants and jackets when we lived in North Idaho before we left. The longer Summer and warmer weather weather boosts my weak immune system.

There were some lawn mowers outside of Lowe's and Home Depot in October and even in December.

The built in camera in Richard's new Sidekick II was really cool. When we were at Lowe's one day late in October, I took a picture of the lawn mowers outside to show it to my brother Dale via email because in Pacific NW, they were put indoor in the first week of September. He replied saying that I was so nasty because he hated a cold weather and there were snow blowers outside of Lowe's and Home Depot in NW. Dale said he had to put away his summer clother and we didn't. He loves Summer. He has a condo in Spokane, Washington but lives with our dad at the lake in North Idaho where my parents moved in 1984 from Spokane.

There was a bank temperature near our apartment complex and I took a picture of it for Dale to see on one day in late November when it was so very warm at 82 degrees. I gave him bad time about how warm the weather was. He printed it and showed it to our dad. He was giggling. We don't understand why our dad loves Fall but I told him it's a football season which our dad can not live without.

We had been looking a new house in Fort Worth because the price ranges were lot cheaper than in Plano where we lived for 8 months. Finally on one day in November we found a very nice subdivision and on Christmas Eve made an offer on the lot where our new house was being built after discussing with Renee the realtor whom we met a month before at the model home office. She had been so very nice and took time answering our questions. We read and signed the paper work and paid only one buck on earnest money agreement. We found out that the area was about 10 miles away from the Texas Motor Speedway. How exciting!

A month later we made a nother trip to see Renee again with some paperwork to choose the model of the new house, bricks, colors of the walls, floors and carpents, etc. We started visiting the lot every two weeks after the ground was leveled. The closing was going to be on May 26, 2006.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

CH 12 Our New Lives In Texas

For two months after moving to Plano, Texas from North Idaho in 2005, I was looking for a new job and had applied for about 55 jobs but no luck because I'm DEAF. I made a very nice resume with some help from Richard's oldest son and gave them out with some application forms. I had taken a six hours training in a "meat cooler" room (brrrrr and teeth chattering) at the cell phone company in Fort Worth and failed the test with lots of long numbers, etc which I didn't know after a six hours long lecture because the two interpreters who took turns interpretering didn't do a good job. I was fortunate to having worked for one day after moving here because we were able to have a large tax return on our moving expense.

We were not looking forward to taking the driving test here in Texas. We had taken the test when we moved to North Idaho in 2003 from Liberty Lake, Washington near Spokane. We were not in a hurry to replace the Idaho license plates but about three weeks after moving there. When we went to our Ford Focus to drive to the store, we found a flat tire, replaced it with a spare tire. We rolled the flat tire toward to our Ford Exploerer and found another flat tire so we put both flat tires into our Focus and took them to the tire center for repair. The repaqir person said they had been slashed by someone at the same time. Remembering what the Texan told my dad about his and others fears on Idahoan due to the Neo-Nazi when he saw an Idaho license plate on my parents' Explorer when we visited in Marshall, Texas in 1997 for my mom's family reunion with my youngest son and two brothers, (my brothers, youngest son and I flew there and joined with our parents who drove there from North Idaho.) I realized that some Texans had some fears about the Neo-Nazi Supermacist group who had set up their camps in about an hour and half drive from north of Post Falls, Idaho where we lived for two years ( These camps are gone for good before we moved there.)
We went to the Tax Assessor Collectors office the next day to get some new license plates and found out that we didn't have to take the tests if we surrendered our Idaho licenses which we did the next day. YES!!! I didn't have any more gray hair. The clerk found out online that Richard had an old Texas license and gave him a renewal one.

When we received the new license plates, we were given with the windshield stickers that were lot bigger than old ones we had on old license plates. I asked the lady if we should put them on the left side of windsheild and she said yes. Thats odd. She also said that we would need another stickers about the same size as others placed below the other stickers when we had our cars emission tested. These stickers on the windsheilds had been very distracting for a short time when I was driving. That's Texas.
Afterward I continued looking for a job because I needed it real quick so we could purchase a new house which the loan officer said applying for a loan required two salaries each household.
I started to feel flu-like symtoms more often and I noticed the weakness in my leg muscles which I didn't understand why and what was causing my illness. I have had several syndromes like thyroid problem I had since 1992, Meniere's disease, low blood sugar, frequent sinus infection, sjogren's (dryness in the mouth and eyes),chronic fatique syndrome, Restless Leg syndrome, allergies and asthma problem, etc. Some doctors in Washington were unable to diagnose exactly whats wrong with me. I had never felt good or healthy for years. I had the gallstones removed at home without a surgeon's knife. I felt like my immune system was attacking me. One day I became so sick again two days after I recovered from the same illness, I went to see the new female doctor whom I was seen by a week earlier for thyroid medication refill request. After series of tests, she finally found out that I had some autoimmune disease meaning my immune system was attacking my body. She said that she would refer me to the specialist but warned me that he would give me some corticone (steriod) medication for the disease which I was against because they don't help but only makes people miserable. She suggested me to look up online about the disease and learn more. It was bit complicate. I put my job hunt on hold for a short time and had to have my SSDI restated to help pay bills. I spent time searching online, found and ordered a book. I changed some diet and added some vitamins including the fish oils. I still have some health issues and try my best to avoid some stresses. I had a "Stiff Man" Syndrome for a few months. Later I started looking for a job again and still no luck. I sent my resume to the Radio Shack manufactoring in Fort Worth twice and haven't heard from them. I guess when they read my resume, they noticed the name of the high school where I graduated from was a state residental school for the Deaf and wouldn't hire me. In Washington state I was employeed with the laptop manufactoring as a repair technican for seven years before resigning when we moved to Texas. Its Radio Shack's loss but there was a huge lay offs about a year later. I decided to go back to college after purchasing a new house.
I will write more about making an offer on a new house with some pictures in next post.